LED BULBSLED Plastic Bulbs LED Aluminium Bulbs LED U-Corn Bulbs LED Spiral Corn Bulbs LED Candle Bulbs
LED EMERGENCY BUBLS5 -30W Emergency Bulbs Bayonet or Screw in
LED FLOOD LIGHTSDriverless Flood Lights Motions Sensor Flood Lights LED Flood Lights
LED LOADSHEDDING LIGHTSWall lights with motions sensors to use during loadshedding
LED PANEL LIGHTSLED Slim Panel Lights Round and Square LED Surface Panel Lights Round and Square
LED TUBE LIGHTS1.2 and 1.5m LED Glass Tubes 36W Sealed Tube LED Tube Single and double fittings
LED STRIP LIGHTLED strip ligths various colours Power adaptor for LED Strip light
LED LENS MODULE12W LED Module 18W LED Module 24W LED Module 36W LED Module
12V LED LIGHTS & LANTERN5W 12V Bulb T8 LED Tube Portable Rechargeable Solar Lantern
ELECTRICALExtension Cords Switches, sockets and isolators Adaptors and plugs Light kits and holders Multi Plugs Circuit Breakers